Gas-liquid separation net for Petroleum, chemical, light industry, medicine and metallurgy

Short Description:

1)Used in the gas-liquid separation units in chemical, petroleum, environmental protection, machinery, shipping and other industries
2)For pressure vessels, drying tower to absorb tower,remove water,remove fog and dust remove
3)To separate the droplets within the gas in the tower
4)As an antifluctuator for various meter in the meter industry
5)Gas-liquid separation, gas-water separation for filtration, sifting, accelerant, distillation, evaporation, absorption and other processes

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The gas-liquid separation screen is made of high-quality materials to withstand harsh industrial environments. It is able to separate the smallest air bubbles from the liquid stream, ensuring efficient and safe operation. The technology provides a faster and more efficient separation process, resulting in increased productivity and improved product quality.

In addition to its excellent performance, the gas-liquid separation screen is also easy to install and maintain. It can be used in a range of applications including wastewater treatment, chemical processing, and food and beverage production. This product has a humanized design and is easy to install. The low maintenance costs associated with this technology make it an affordable and sustainable investment for your business.

The gas-liquid separation screen also boasts a compact design, making it a space-saving solution for industries that require efficient use of space. The technology works by forcing a fluid flow through a series of tiny porous channels where gas and liquid spontaneously separate. The result is a clean, dry gas stream and purified liquid stream that can be safely disposed of or reused in other processes.

Gas-liquid separation mesh utilizes a unique combination of physical and chemical properties to achieve gas-liquid separation. Unlike traditional methods that rely on gravity, which are slow and inefficient, gas-liquid separation screens use capillary action and surface tension to quickly and efficiently filter out impurities. The design of the device allows complete fluid contact with its porous channels, ensuring maximum exposure to the gas-liquid separation mesh.

This innovative technology brings enormous benefits to the industrial sector. By reducing environmental impact and optimizing production processes, businesses can minimize operating costs and maximize profits. Gas-liquid separation screens are a valuable investment for any company looking to improve processes and remain competitive in a changing industrial environment.

Product features

1)Simple structure, small weight
2)High porosity, low pressure drop, only 250-500 Pa
3)High contact surface area, high separation efficiency ,98%-99.8% efficiency for 3-5 micron droplet capture
4)Easy installation, operation and maintenance

Technical specifications

6)Flat or round wire 0.07mm-0.7mm
1)Material:304、304L、321、316L、NS-80、Nickel wire、Titanium Filament, Monel Alloy, Hartz Alloy, PTFE PTEE (F4), F46, Polypropylene, Various
2)The separation efficiency of 3-5 micron droplets is over 98%

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