About Us

Brief Introduction

Xinxiang Kerida Filtration and Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design and production of filters, filtration equipment, purification device, oil and water separation device. The company brings together a large number of professional, senior engineers and other scientific and technological elites, specializing in design, research and development and manufacturing, R & D team strength, has a high level of professional technology and rich practical experience, the company has advanced production equipment and perfect quality and safety assurance system.

Over the years, we have obtained a number of research results and patented technology, designed and developed eight categories of more than 100 kinds of products to the market, the products are exported to many countries, and have produced good economic and social benefits. The company set up a product research and development department directly engaged in research and development, department personnel have a high level of professional technology and rich experience. Since 2007, our company's independent research and development ability has been continuously improved to obtain a number of patent certificates, and obtained the State Ministry of Science and Technology, Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Xinxiang City Science and Technology Bureau and other units allocated the "small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation special fund".

In terms of testing equipment and filter components, our company relies on the national quality supervision and testing center of filtration products in the aviation industry, with authoritative and accurate testing data to ensure the performance of equipment and the accuracy and life of filter components.


Company Advantage

In recent years, through technical exchanges and cooperation with scientific research institutes, petrochemical units and engineering companies, the research and development of cooperation and production of high-performance sintered metal material filter element with an annual output of 20000. The sintered filter element of metal materials is the filter material with the most ideal porosity and filtration accuracy under the high temperature, high pressure and high corrosion environment in the petrochemical industry at present. It is formed into the filter element base material by special forming process and then sintered by vacuum sintering process, so that it has the required filtration performance parameters. In practical use, the effect is remarkable, won the design and owners of the wide praise.

Company Philosophy

Our company urgent user's urgent, want what the user thinks, in many cities and regions of the country has offices, can in 8 hours timely response to customers, within 24 hours to arrive at the scene, greatly improve the efficiency of after-sales service, ensure the normal operation of equipment.

The company will, as always, give full play to the enterprise philosophy of technological innovation, customer first, scientific management, quality service, for the majority of users is to provide better quality products and first-class service.