Stainless steel metal wedge wire filter water filter cartridge

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Products are especially suitable forcoarse filtration and fine filtration engineering for wax-bearing oil, asphalt and high-viscosity oil.Widely used in electricity oil wells, natural gas wells,water wells, chemical, mining, paper-making, environmental protection, metallurgy, food, sand control, decoration and other industries’ water treatment

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Metal wedge-shaped wire filter is a cylindrical shape formed by a series of wedge-shaped wires placed parallel to each other and then welded. This creates a highly efficient filter media capable of removing the smallest particles from the fluid being filtered. The filter media is capable of filtration ratings down to 5 microns, making it ideal for critical filtration applications.

One of the main advantages of metal wedge wire filters is their robust construction. Filters are constructed of high-quality stainless steel to resist damage from corrosion and harsh chemicals. This ensures that the filter remains in good condition for a long period of time, even under harsh operating conditions.

In addition to its high-quality construction, the metal wedge wire filter is also highly versatile. It can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes to suit specific filtration applications. This filter can be used in both manual and automatic filtration systems, making it ideal for a wide variety of industries and applications.

To ensure the highest level of filtration efficiency, metal wedge wire mesh filters undergo a rigorous quality control process. This involves testing the filter under actual conditions to ensure it will perform at the desired level of filtration. Additionally, the filters are inspected to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards before being shipped to our customers.

Product features

1)Good mechanical rigidity, high pressure difference resistance, high temperature resistance
2)Easy to wash
3)The almost two-dimensional structure of the wedge-shaped wire mesh has no dead zone of particle accumulation and blockage, and can utilise the recoil energy, which is the most ideal filter element for medium filtration containing wax and asphaltene and so on

Technical specifications

1)Filter Layer Standard: Welded Stainless Steel Screen(SY5182-87)
2)Specifications and sizes are determined according to user requirements

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