NHF high flow filter element for water and power factories

Short Description:

1)Reverse osmosis (R.O) security filtering,Filtration of chilled water (chw), desalted water and recycled water
2)Recycling of waste water and utilization of municipal water
3)Filtration of condensed water for electricity-generating plants
4)Filtration of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), solution and water in the biopharmaceutical industry
5)Filtration of bottled water, grain fluid, cooking oil, fruit juice, soft drinks and milk
6)Filtration of desulfurization ammonia fluid, water injecting back into the oil well and produced water
7)Electronic applications:Reverse osmosis(RO)prefiltering,process water

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Product features

1)All support layers and components are made of polypropylene
2)Graded aperture structure
3)The flow rate of a single filter element could achieve maximum 110 cubic meters per hour when filtering water
4)The size of the filtration system can have a reduce of as much as 50%
5)The flowing direction which is from inside to outside ensures that all impurities are trapped in the inside layer of the filter element
6)There is no adhesives binder or silicone adhesives are used during the manufacturing process
7)Exculsive exoskeleton structure and bandage-winding structure make our products alternative to the same type of foreign products

Technical specifications

1) Filter element size
● Outer diameter: 6inch(152mm)
● Length: 20inch, 40inch, 60inch

2) Parts material
● Filter material: Folded glass fiber, Folding deep layer polypropylene, Melt blown polypropylene
● Sealing ring material:Various materials are available, including ethylene propylene rubber, silicone rubber, nitrile rubber and fluorocarbon rubber

3) Filter performance:
● Filtration precision: 1μm,4.5μm,6μm,10μm,20μm,40μm,70μm,100μm
● maximum allowable operating temperature:
Folded glass fiber:121℃
Folded polypropylene:82℃
Melt-blown polypropylene:65℃
● Maximum pressure drop:
Folded glass fiber:3.4Bar, 121℃
Folded polypropylene:3.4Bar, 65℃
Melt-blown polypropylene:1.03Bar, 65℃
● Recommended pressure drop for filter element replacement: 2.4Bar, 20℃
● Recommended maximum filtration water flow:
20inch long filter:660LPM
40inch long filter:1300LPM
60inch long filter:1900LPM

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