long life 0.2mm 0.5mm 0.7mm 1mm gap Welded Wedge Wire Screen stainless mesh wire

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Wedge mesh, also known as Johnson net, English name Johnson Screen, is divided into: Screen tube Screen tube and Screen plate screen plate two. The wedge-shaped filter element is composed of a wedge-shaped stainless steel wire and a stainless steel support strip. The smooth surface of the filter element is the filter surface, and the gap is a strip, which belongs to the surface filter form. As a variety of forms of automatic filter (such as automatic backwashing, scraper self-cleaning, scraper self-cleaning, sucking self-cleaning filter) suitable filter elements are widely used in various industries of fluid filtration. Widely used in petrochemical industry, coal mine, drilling, sewage treatment, food, pharmaceutical, paper, environmental protection and other filtration.


Structure principle: Stainless steel wedge screen is a kind of metal mesh structural element for screening and filtering, with high strength, stiffness and carrying capacity, can be made into a variety of shapes of rigid screening filter device

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